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How To Trade War: DON'T!
Fear rocked the markets yesterday following news that Russia had attacked Ukraine early on Thursday morning. Risky assets and risk-related currencies suffered while safe-havens (gold, USD, JPY) and Russia-linked commodities (oil, gas) surged higher. The EUR currency and Eastern European currencies were also hit hard due to their geographic proximity to the conflict zone and economic linkages with Russia.
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Thailand Traders Fair 2022
Thailand Traders Fair is sponsored by leading brands such as HotForex, USG, AETOS, ATFX, NAGA and so on. There are still many more potential companies which will be joining us on event day. You will get the chance to learn more from the best trading experts at outstanding seminars and workshops during the fair which it will be a great opportunity for everyone to meet global industry leaders from all around the world.
Trading Systems
Universal Forex strategy "Hack" for Major Pairs
Forex strategy "Hack" is a logical and very exciting trading system, it uses the principle of trading in the direction of the older time interval. This system is suitable for all major currency pairs.
Trading Systems
Dynamic trends on the D1 timeframe
Dynamic trends, or changing trends, are a great example of how it is possible to adapt inputs over time to changing situations without worrying about whether or not the trend line is still valid after several breakthroughs. Moreover, they are also a great example of how it is possible to make profits and protect them by closing positions regularly, as it is no secret that the profit that comes from a still open trading position is not a profit, but only an opportunity that can still end up in a loss despite various protections.
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Parabolic - the simplest strategy under the sun
The Parabolic trading indicator, is one of the simplest indicators that traders can trade with, and is an essential part of any MetaTrader platform. Today's strategy based on the Parabolic is therefore no more complicated, as it is built on identical fundamentals that, thanks to many observations, have been found to work not only on Forex, but also on other CFDs with incredible accuracy.
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RoboForex Improves Its Affiliate Programme and Cryptocurrency Trading Conditions
RoboForex reduced commissions on Prime accounts and brought its trading conditions as close to the ones offered by cryptoexchanges as possible. The conditions of the Affiliate VIP programme for Prime accounts have been improved. The partner commission for attracting new clients is now 25% of the company’s revenue instead of 20% before.
Trading Systems
Forex Strategy - Blunt Bumping
Blunt bumping is one of the trading strategies that do not offer many entry opportunities in a year, but if there is one, then everyone can probably make a lot of money on these trades. In the end, it does not matter here whether the trader trades with small capital or vice versa. The price formations that form the basis of this unique strategy can be traded with both shorter and longer Profit-Targets, which is an undeniable and great advantage of this strategy.
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RoboForex Was Recognised as The Best Broker for Trading Stocks In 2022
RoboForex, an international broker that provides services for trading on financial markets in many countries all over the world, was named the winner in the Best Stocks Broker Global 2022 category at The London Trader Show Awards 2022. The winners will be rewarded on 25 February 2022 in the Novotel London West hotel in London.
Trading Systems
Trade with OsMa
Trading indicators are the most popular tools that traders can use for trading, so it is not surprising that a vast number of trading strategies are based on them. Without them the modern trading almost loses its meaning. It might seem that some indicators, which are a fundamental part of the Metatrader platform, are themselves meaningless and completely unnecessary. However, this is not the case! And to prove it, we have selected the indicator, some might say godforsaken, which, when used correctly, can bring extra profit to every trader without exaggeration.